Monday, September 05, 2005

Little Bird

After seeing the online animated series Ninjai Megan has had an infatuation with little birds. Here we see a small bird being left behind by the flock.

18.5"x18.5" Oil on Canvas


This is a picture of Megan's good friend and old boss at the photo studio that she worked at during high school.

17.5"x17.5" Oil on Canvas

The Joy of Starbucks

Who doesn't Love Coffee? This piece is composed representing Meg's joy and happiness she receives from a cup of her favorite coffee.......Starbucks. And, what does that mysterious 5 mean? No one knows.

32"x36" Oil On Canvas.

Tobacco Book, July 2005

This piece is another paper making project. This is a book created with tobacco and coffee integrated into the paper during construction. As one thumbs through the pages of the book, each page becomes increasingly more soiled with tobacco and coffee until you reach then end of the book, and hence then end of a life.

Art Installation Piece, July 2005: Paper Quilt and Bedroom Scene

This is an installation piece created in July 2005 as part of a paper making class. In this piece paper was created using old clothing and then reconstituted in fabric patches to create a quilt. The piece was performed outside with a bedroom scene.

Notice how Megan is sewing the piece, and the bed and dresser are empty. The scene is a depiction of a missing mother. The bed and the dresser included pieces from Megan's own mother's room and they were setup to mimics the actual bedroom as accurately as possible.

The piece after installation received critical acclaim and is currently on display at the Northern Illinois University Art Building on the second floor across from the art gallery

Below are close up pictures of the fabric to demonstrate the texture and grains. Remember that the material used is a form of paper.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Three New Oil on Canvas

These pieces were created during the Spring of 2005. They are abstract Oil On Canvas works designed to demonstrate color palates and aural textures. All three pieces were created together, but unfortunately two of the three have since been painted over for new works.

Untitled. Oil On Canvas 20x20

Untitled. Oil On Canvas 20x20

Untitled. Oil On Canvas 20x20

Monday, July 25, 2005

Site Update and New Artwork

Hi everyone this is Matt, your genius webmaster. I have been working on updating the site a little bit. There are not major changes to the layout, because Meg and I are quite partial to it. However I have cleaned a few things up, added a Links section and added a syndication link. These are located on the bottom of the sidebar to the right.

Meg has been quite busy lately teaching some art classes as well as educating herself in a fabrics class. I plan to photograph the results of the fabrics class and some of her more recent projects soon and have them posted onto the website here. In the mean time please feel free to look around. I will be adding some links to the links section shortly. The links will mostly included art related websites, but may also feature the occasional website that Meg finds interesting. This is assuming of course the "Genius artist" herself decides to post on this beloved blog.

Thanks guys.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Hi all, Long time no see.

Hello everyone. Those of you who visit are probably wondering what the heck happened here. Well, I am not Meg. I am Matt, her boyfriend and new webmaster. Since Megan has a general fear of the internet and lazy tendancies for updating her website I have decided to take command.

Expect to see more regular updates of art and information from Coffeebean Studios from here on out.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Oriental Poetry

7 1/2 " x 5 1/2 " x 1 "
Handmade Book

Hand bound book using torn paper
Interleaved with Asian newspaper
Covered in fine Japanese Washi paper, faux suede and ribbon closure.
Accompanied with a handmade bowl of Washi papers and filled with Asian newspaper letters.

Entry in the Fall 2003 Student Art show at McHenry County College
Winner of the Ryan Long Memorial Scholarship
Purchase Award at McHenry County College
Entry in the 2003 Skyway Conference Juried Art Competition

Charcoal: Female and Cloth Life Drawing

Charcoal: Female and Cloth Life Drawing Posted by Hello

Charcoal: Female and Cloth Life Drawing #2

Charcoal: Female and Cloth Life Drawing Posted by Hello

Charcoal: Female and Cloth Life Drawing #3

Charcoal: Female and Cloth Life Drawing Posted by Hello

Info coming soon....... Posted by Hello

Info coming soon....... Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Self Portrait done in Conte on Mat Board Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 04, 2004

well, I'm sitting here trying to type a paper which is due in 3 hours and I'm not nearly done :( -but i just had this wonderful idea for a painting to do, for my special man as a belated b-day present....I'm itching to start it! but I'm stuck here, counting down the hours 'til this paper is due.....I hate this! I always get the best ideas when I can't start it!'ll have to wait 'til sunday, since I have a busy, busy weekend...

keep your eyes out for the painting, when its done!